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  • Why is your kennel best for big breeds?
    Great Danes were our first love and we’ve grown especially passionate about learning and caring for larger breeds, while caring for pets of pretty much every size in between. Through our experience and connections built with other big breed dog parents, we noticed the immense need for places that cater to Great Danes and other large breeds, which is an overlooked niche in the pet industry. We know firsthand that big breeds have special needs, such as larger areas to run and play and more focus on sensitivity and emotions than smaller breeds. Most Danes and other big breeds don’t do well in kennels since they are usually loud and stressful in small spaces. Additionally, we know that big breeds are more prone to medical conditions like bloating and Gastric Torsion, especially if they haven't had a gastropexy. We know how to minimize the risk of bloat and make adjustments such as feeding from raised bowls, and limiting their activity following meal times. We fully understand the fear of leaving your dogs in someone else’s care, especially outside your home, so we’ve created an oasis that we’d be comfortable and excited to bring our own dogs to.
  • What safety & security measures do you take?
    All outdoor portions of the runs are covered with UV protective shade cloth to offer plenty of shade when they want it and to keep anything from coming in from the outside. The outdoor run gates are locked with a padlock. In addition, we have 2 large, fully-fenced dog play yards and are in the process of creating a third. The dogs are never left unattended in the play yards. At night, the kennel is secured and dogs are kept in the indoor part of the run. Each run has a guillotine-style steel door that slides down over the swinging door and locks into place, so that the pups are safe and comfortable overnight. The interior of the kennel is temperature controlled and monitored by 24/7 surveillance, and cameras are installed inside and out which notify us of any movement.
  • How big is your facility?
    The kennel is located on our 14+ acre farm with the largest runs in the area. They are indoor/outdoor runs with a swinging dog door in between. The runs are 6x10’ inside and 6x20’ outside, with the exception of our outdoor deluxe run, which is 10x20’. Dogs have access to all spaces all day to potty, sunbathe or run.
  • Do you have pet size restrictions?
    Although our facility is tailored towards bigger breeds, we absolutely adore and accommodate dogs of any size.
  • What information should I share with you about my dog?
    Prior to their stay, we will gather up as much information about your pets as possible, including information on feeding times and amounts, medications, special needs and health concerns. More than that, we want to know the fun stuff! Such as, what kind of toys does your dog like? What is their favorite activity? Do they love fetch, frisbee or swimming in the pool? Playing in the hose? Chasing things? Do they like stuffed or stuff-less toy animals? All natural bones and chew toys? Or will they conquer and eat everything in sight and need to be kept away from all things destructible? Trust us, we understand.
  • How will my dog be entertained?
    We do our best to provide personalized playtimes and rest times based on your dogs personality, likes and dislikes. Just like us, every pup comes in with different needs and a totally unique personality. If your pup is more on the anxious side, we will also accommodate that. We can keep their outdoor playtimes chill, quiet and relaxing. Or, we can take them for a walk in our dog walking field, which is separate from the play yards. We truly want this to be a positive experience for your babies so they will look forward to coming back and be more and more at ease each time they visit.
  • I'm still worried to leave my dog overnight.
    We know it's scary trusting anyone you don't know with your pets, and at first nothing feels good enough or safe enough for them. We truly get that and will do our absolute best to answer all your questions thoroughly and ease your concerns in any way we can. If you want to schedule a pre-visit to check things out and meet us, totally cool. Just let us know. We will also send you a plethora of updates, pics and videos if you do choose to leave your babies in our care.
  • What does an average stay cost?
    Because we have committed to a high standard of excellence, and are qualified to work with big breeds - coming up with an average cost isn't as easily done; when working with such a diverse set of dogs. We'd be free to answer any questions that you have!

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