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Together with my wife Wendy, we have been rescuing and fostering dogs with special needs and special situations for years. I was a police officer for 12 years and retired early from this career to follow my passion of working with animals. Following that, I worked with The Marine Mammal Center in Monterey Bay, CA where we rescued and triaged wounded or seasick mammals.


On a whim, Wendy and I purchased an RV while living on the west coast to enable us to care for our pets while giving us the freedom to travel and explore. 


When life, family and intuition led us to our original home in southern Indiana, I was thrilled for the opportunity to work with St. Matthews Animal Clinic. During this time, I gained experience in animal medical care and was inspired with the inner workings of running a boarding facility. Through this, I’ve learned much about what people seek in boarding facilities while entrusting with their beloved pets. Also in recent years, we’ve loved working with the Kentucky Great Dane Rescue to rescue, foster, and assist with events. 


We’ve been married since 2017, and Wendy is a well-known hair stylist in the Louisville area. Currently, we get to love 3 Great Dane rescues, one Dane Mastiff rescue, three small breed rescues, one German Shepherd foster, two parrots and three cat rescues.  We can't wait to welcome your dog to our boarding oasis! Feel free to get in touch with us.


Lauren & Wendy



The runs are 6x10’ inside and 6x20’ outside, with the exception of our outdoor deluxe run, which is 10x20’.  The outdoor run gates are locked with a padlock. In addition, we have 2 large, fully-fenced dog play yards and are in the process of creating a third. The dogs are never left unattended in the play yards.


Each run has a guillotine-style steel door that slides down over the swinging door and locks into place, so that the pups are safe and comfortable overnight. Our kennel is fully insured, certified by Clark County, and approved by the health department and local animal control.


Dogs have access to all spaces all day to potty, sunbathe or run. All outdoor portions of the runs are covered with UV protective shade cloth to offer plenty of shade and to keep anything from coming in from the outside.


The kennel is located on our beautiful, secluded 14+ acre farm with the largest runs in the area. Each dog will have access to the indoor/outdoor runs with a swinging dog door in between.


The interior of the kennel is temperature controlled and monitored by 24/7 surveillance, and cameras are installed inside and out which notify us of any movement.  At night, the kennel is secured and dogs are kept in the indoor part of the run.


why we started embark bbb

Great Danes were our first love and we’ve grown especially passionate about learning and caring for larger breeds, while caring for pets of pretty much every size in between. As our family, we have always been very cautious about entrusting boarding facilities to take care of our dogs. Truly, we didn’t feel that anyone could take as great care of our babies as we could, and we often left disappointed despite the loads of money spent.


Combined with personal experience trying a variety of kennels throughout our travels, I’m now able to continue my true passion and offer a safe, vacation-like experience for dogs of all sizes. This kennel is a labor of love for me, and I've worked endlessly to create a place where I’d feel comfortable taking my babies. Granted, there is no place like home, but we hope to be the next best thing.